4 Home Repairs to Get Done in the Winter Months

Wintertime brings harsher weather and lower temperatures, making it hard to do exterior property repairs. However, your winter can still be productive with these 4 home repairs to tackle during the colder months.

#1 Interior Painting If you are ready to add some color or touch up some walls, these are the months to make it happen. The best part? During the winter months you are more likely to find good deals on paints and primers as they tend to go on sale during the “off season.”

#2 Attic Check The winter is a great time to inspect, de-clutter and organize your attic. In the summer, it’s often too hot to tackle this project but the winter months provide cooler temps making it easier to get things in order in parts of the house that rarely gets attention. This is also a great time to check on your attic insulation and repair or replace as needed.

4 Tips for Home Repairs

#3 Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Typically the “off-season” for HVAC technicians, the winter is the perfect time to schedule maintenance to ensure your air conditioning system is ready to go when the summer arrives.

#4 Clean Your Ceiling Fans So much debris, dirt, and dust collect over the year putting you at greater risk of sickness and allergies. During the winter, take the opportunity to clean your fans using a specialized brush or vacuum.

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