4 Ways to Protect Your Landscape During the Colder Months

Even in Florida, we experience low temperatures, and sometimes it happens completely out of the blue. These dips in temperature can wreak havoc on the exteriors (and sometimes the interiors) of your property. This can especially be true if you have a cared-after landscape, garden or an outdoor living space. Here are 4 tips to keeping your landscape during the winter.
Tip #1 Water During the Winter Months
When it comes to your lawn, it’s smart (and necessary) to water it during the winter months. However, the frequency should be lessened, with an aim of every 10-14 days.
Tip #2 Cover Your Plants
Sure, it might not look pretty but it’s worth keeping your plants safe during a cold front. Cold winds are often the biggest issue when it comes to ruined greenery. By covering them you can protect them from both wind and cold. It’s also smart to move any mobile plants into the house for safe covering.
Tip #3 Build a Windbreak
If winds are too much for your garden to withstand, it might be worth building or installing some sort of windbreak to better protect your garden from bad weather.
Tip #4 Build a Fence to Keep Critters Away
During the winter months, the natural food for various critters might be in low demand. For that reason, it’s not uncommon for them to feast on your garden. By building a fence, you can keep them out but keep in mind different critters call for different barriers. For example, a barrier to keep mice away will vary greatly to a barrier that aims to deter deer.
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