5 (Unexpected) Ways Your Property Might Be Damaged This Winter

Each season brings a newness that is exciting and fresh, but with each season also comes new risks to your home due to changes in climate and temperatures. The wintertime isn’t any different. The following are 5 surprising ways the winter months can cause damage to your property.

#1 Gutters Can Break

This tends to be more common in regions that get a lot of snowfall, however, it can still happen in warmer climates due to cold weather than produces a freeze and creates a heavy ice buildup. Take time before the season changes to keep your gutters clean and clear so they can support the winter weather.

#2 Exterior Door Frames Can Soften & Rot

During the colder months, your door frames are exposed to cold and wet conditions making them more susceptible to softening and ultimately rotting.

#3 Rodents Can Eat Away Your Insulation

When it gets cold, the local rodents look for a warmer residence. Once they’ve found it, they are known to eat away insulation and cause normally strong pipes to freeze or burst. Additionally, by eating through insulation it can remove a layer of winter protection, making it colder and consequently increasing your energy bill each month.

#4 Lawn Flooding

When your outdoor pipes freeze or burst, it can cause flooding. This happens if the water system hasn’t been cleared prior to the first harsh winter weather conditions.

#5 Plaster Walls Can Crack

When the weather turns from less humid to much dryer, the plaster walls in your home might be affected. By keeping temperatures inside consistent, you can potentially prevent this from happening this season.

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Restoration Contractor inspecting the property damage