9 Wintertime Tips to Avoid House Fires

During the winter months, it’s more common for house fires to occur for a variety of reasons. Familiarizing yourself with the risks associated with new seasonal behavior can help avoid a disaster and keep your family and your property safe.

Tip #1

Sweep and clean chimneys before and during the season to reduce the risk of a fire. Also, it’s smart to get your chimney inspected prior to the cold season.

Tip #2

Keep outdoor propane heaters outdoors where they belong.

Tip #3

If you are using space heaters, make sure they are at least 3 feet away from any objects.

Tip #4

Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly. You should check and replace the detectors twice a year.

Tip #5

Don’t overload circuits, especially near Christmas tree and outdoor decorations and lights.

Tip #6

When you burn your Christmas scented candles, make sure they aren’t near anything burnable, including Christmas trees.

Tip #7

Have a safety screen for flying embers coming from your fireplace.

Tip #8

If you use electric blankets, be aware of any damaged parts on the blanket before using it.

Tip #9

Don’t use your stove to heat up your home.

As we move into colder months, it’s important to be aware of how to prevent fires to protect your loved ones and your property from a potential fire. To learn more about fire prevention and repairs, please contact APEX Disaster Specialists at (850) 660-6900.