Be Prepared for Water Damage from Hurricanes

We are currently amid hurricane season, so it’s important to be in the know about potential damage from a storm. Water damage can come in many different forms due to the impact of hurricanes including busted water pipes, sewage backup, leaky roof, flooding due to extensive downpour or storm surge.

Even a Cat 1 hurricane can produce winds and downpour heavy enough to cause busted pipes, sewage backup, or a leaky roof caused by debris, fallen trees or weather. Although the storm always passes, the damage left behind can linger and wreak havoc on your property and potentially your health. Additionally, the threat of flooding and storm surge increases with the intensity of the hurricane, causing catastrophic damage to your property and creating life threatening conditions.

You can protect your home or business by properly protecting your windows and doors by boarding them up or creating an alternative barrier of protection. Additionally, protecting your flooring should also be done as a precaution as a hurricane nears. Sandbags and water diversions such as tubes or expanding floor barriers can be set around the property for added protection. Securing all loose items outside will help prevent any damage from objects blown or falling on the roof or property.

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