Be Prepared for Wind Damage From Hurricanes

Hurricane season is here and that means it’s time to prepare for heavy rains and high winds. Wind damage during a hurricane is a common threat as they can reach up to 65 mph, depending on the severity of the storm. With winds at high force, trees can be uprooted, cars can be moved, and homes can be ruined. However, there are ways you can prepared your property from wind damage during a hurricane.

How to Prep Your Home

Make sure to scan your front and back yard for any objects that could be blown into your property. Items like lawn mowers, patio furniture, grills, bikes, propane tanks, kids’ toys and plants should all be moved to a secure location inside on under shelter.

Wind Damage

It’s important to pay attention to your windows and doors. Properly board up with plywood or storm shutters to ensure winds or objects don’t come through the window or shatter glass.

Trim any oversized tree branches or bushes and move your cars into the garage, if possible. You can also secure outside structures with rope and blankets or tarps to lessen the chance of loose objects damaging the property due to high winds.

Be prepared to switch off your power if necessary. With downed power lines or in the event you must evacuate, it’s imperative to turn your power off before you leave your property.

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