Fireplace Safety Tips

Although weather in the Panhandle rarely drops to freezing temperatures, it doesn’t stop Floridians from craving a cozy night in, complete with a toasty fireplace. This season, practice fireplace safety with these 4 tips as you enter the coziest time of year.

Tip #1- Have Your Chimney Swept & Inspected in the Fall
Before your first use, it imperative to have your chimney inspected and cleared. This will ensure your chimney is clear of anything hazardous or easily flammable to avoid any potential fires during the high usage season.
Tip #2- Place a Protective Barrier in Front of Your Fireplace
This can be done by installing a glass door or placing a metal screen in front of the fireplace. This barrier prevents embers or sparks from flying out and landing on an object, potentially starting a fire. Moreover, this will keep small children and pets from potentially getting too close to the fire.
Tip #3- Keep All Flammable Objects Away from the Fireplace
This might be sound like common sense but it’s worth mentioning during the holiday season when many people put up festive decorations around the mantle. Keep curtains, rugs, blankets and decorations at a safe distance from the fireplace.
Tip #4- Only Burn Seasoned Wood
This is important because it effects the cleanliness of the burn. Aim for at least 6 months of being dried out before you burn the wood in your fireplace.
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