Florida Winter Weather Facts

Florida winters are (typically) much different than other parts of the U.S. when it comes to extremely cold weather. However, although it’s normal to expect more mild weather during wintertime, there have been some extreme weather events worth noting. Here are some lesser-known facts about wintertime in Florida.

• In February 2010 certain parts of Okaloosa County reported up to 6 inches of snow.

• During the 1989-1990 winter season, 26 Floridians died of hypothermia.

• Falling iguanas is a real thing- not because it rains iguanas in Florida but because they are cold blooded animals so when the temperature drops into the 40’s they  become immovable and are prone to falling out of trees.

• The first snow ever recorded in south Florida was in 1977 and hit Miami Beach.

• On February 13, 1899, the coldest temperature ever recorded was in Tallahassee.

• Crestview is the coldest city in Florida with an average temperature of 53 degrees.
While we may not live in a region where snowfall is a normal occurrence, it’s important to be in the know about what our versatile climate is capable of so you can better prepare your property for the change in weather during wintertime. 

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