The Health Dangers of Mold After a Hurricane

Hurricanes are known to bring intense weather in the form of wind and rain. As a result, oftentimes storm surges are caused and create life threatening dangers and put your property at risk of flooding. After a flood occurs and your home is damaged, you face the risk for mold accumulating in your home.
When assessing your property, keep in mind that where there is dampness and water there’s more than likely mold. However, sometimes the visual hazard can be hidden behind walls, under flooring or in a basement or addict. Although mold has the potential to damage your property, its greater threat is the damage it can have on your health. If you’ve experienced any of these signs or symptoms after a flood, you may have been exposed to mold in your home.
• Nasal congestion and sneezing
• Voice hoarseness and throat irritation
• Coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath
• Aggravation of asthma symptoms
• Severe fatigue
If you have experienced any of the above following a flood in your home, seek medical attention immediately. To learn more about hurricane prevention and repair, please contact APEX Disaster Specialists at (850) 660-6900.