3 Tips to Properly and Safety Put Up Christmas Lights This Season

Tis’s the season to put up oh-so-many Christmas lights! It’s that time of year where homes begin to transform from their ordinary appeal to that of a wintertime fairytale. But before you get in the spirit read up on the proper (and safe) way to put up lights so you can protect your family and your property during the season.
Tip #1 Find the Right Lights
Not all lights are created equally. When shopping for Christmas lights make sure you get bulbs below 7 volts to avoid the chance of sparks and overheating.
Tip #2 Attach your Lights to a Stable Surface
By fastening your lights, you can avoid extra tangling, breaking or damage, which can lead to potential hazard to your property and yourself. Also, use doubled sided tape to secure the lights instead of staples or nails, so you further avoid damaging the lights.
Tip #3 Set Away from Easily Burnable Materials
Your lights will heat up when they are on for several hours each day so it’s important to set them away from materials that burn easily. For example, if you have other decorations made of plastic or paper, make sure your lights keep their distance to avoid a hazard.
The holidays bring so much joy but it’s important to partake in the fun in a safe way!
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