Types of Damage NOT Covered by a Hurricane

When it comes to hurricane insurance it can all be a bit tricky. It’s important to know what is covered under your policy so you can get the most out your claim if your property suffers damage. However, it’s just as important to know what is NOT covered so you can better protect your property.
Flood Insurance
Perhaps the most important and often overlooked policy is flood insurance. This is bought as a separate policy from hurricane insurance. Flood insurance takes 30 days after you purchase it to take effect so plan to purchase this during the off-season.
Food Spoilage
Although some policies cover up to$500 in spoiled food, it is typically not a part of hurricane coverage.
Fallen Tress/Debris
If a tree has fallen in your yard but did not cause damage to your property, the homeowner is responsible for removing the debris or fall tree from their property at their own cost.
Automobile Damage
Typically, cars are covered if you purchased comprehensive coverage, or ‘other than collision’ coverage, to your policy. However, not everyone has this written in their policy. Check prior to hurricane season to ensure you are covered if your car floods or suffers wind damage.
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