5 Hurricane Facts Every Floridian Should Know

When it comes to living in Florida, we need to be prepared and informed about hurricanes. And with hurricane season upon us, it’s important to know the basics when it comes to these powerful storms. Check out these interesting and important facts to increase your knowledge of hurricanes.
1. 40 percent of all hurricanes in the USA hit Florida
2. The difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm comes down to wind speed. A tropical storm’s wind speed ranges from 36 to 47 mph, while a hurricane’s wind speeds start at 74 mph.
3. In the Pacific, Hurricane Season starts on May 15 but in the Atlantic it starts on June 1; however, both end on November 30 each year.
4. Storm surges occur when a hurricane reaches land, and the wind is so heavy it causes the sea level to rise. The rise in water can range anywhere from a few meters to over a hundred meters.
5. The weather in the eye of the hurricane is typically calm, however, the most severe weather occurs in the eyewall.
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Do You Know What the Most Susceptible Part of your Home is During a Hurricane?

Many people assume windows and doors are the weakest point in your home. However, damage to garage doors during a hurricane are the most common way for property loss to occur.
Why Does This Happen?
When powerful winds are at play, garage doors can buckle and ultimately provide an opening into your home. The compromise in the foundation of your home, can produce a change in pressure which could severely damage your roof.
What Can You Do?
To keep your property safe, you can add extra bracing with pins to better secure your garage door. For a more effective method, you can add paneled shutters on the outside of the door; however, although effective, this can be time consuming and tedious. Lastly, if your garage door came with additional poles, you can place them in the concrete on the inside of the door to secure it in place.
For a less temporary and more permanent solution, replace your garage door with a hurricane-resistant material like solid wood, fiber glass or steel prior to storm season.
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