Property Restoration Company in Grayton Beach, FL

Has your home or business sustained damage during a flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster? Our property restoration company in Grayton Beach, FL is ready to help. The experienced technicians at Apex Disaster Specialists can handle everything from restorations after a fire to water damage and mold remediation.

Our team of IIRC-certified technicians are experienced in many types of property restoration, from mold remediation and fixing water damage, to total rebuilds and emergency services. We don’t just care about the property, we also care about the people living and working inside.

If your residential or commercial property has been affected by a natural disaster, don’t wait until things get worse before making a call. Contact Apex Disaster Specialists today at (850) 204-9676, and our emergency response team will be on-site within hours to begin our professional restoration services.

How Apex Disaster Specialists Stands Out

When you trust Apex Disaster Specialist in Grayton Beach, FL with post-disaster repairs, you get much more than an experienced, professional property restoration team. You get a compassionate and understanding team of technicians committed to making your space as safe and comfortable as possible. From our first assessment to the final repairs, our goal is to help you feel supported.

Winter mold ruining a home

Our Property Restoration Services

Water Damage

Florida natives are no strangers to water damage—from hurricanes to flash floods and constant humidity, there are plenty of ways water or moisture can destroy a residence or place of business. Our technicians are experienced in water damage restoration and can repair your property via water extraction, drying salvageable areas, and assessing your space for repairs.


Water damage should be addressed as soon as it’s noticed to help prevent mold. However—despite a homeowner’s best efforts—hidden leaks or perpetually damp basements can go unnoticed and cause mold infestations. Apex Disaster Specialists in Grayton Beach, FL, provides comprehensive mold remediation services to help rid your home of mold and keep it from coming back. 

Storm Damage

Grayton Beach, FL is no stranger to hurricanes or the inevitable storm damage that comes with them. Whether you sustain minor wind damage or your residents succumb to post-storm flooding, ourstorm damage restoration technicians can help. They’re experienced in everything from flood water extraction and roof repair to fallen tree removal and damage assessments. 

Emergency Property Repairs

Natural disasters can occur at any time, so our IICRC-certified specialists are always on-call to performemergency property repairs. Contact us 24/7365 to repair or restore damage caused by everything from hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and sudden fires. Our rapid-response team is standing by to help you.  

Fire Damage

A fire inside your home or business could result in the destruction of personal property, business inventory, or important documentation. Our fire damage restoration can proprly document the damage for your insurance claim, restore smoke and fire damage,  and professionally rebuild your home or office for your safety.


Biohazard cleanup must be done by experienced professionals to avoid the spread of infection or hazardous materials. If your property in Grayton Beach, FL has been contaminated by bodily fluids, medical waste, or raw sewage, our technicians at Apex Disaster Specialists are trained to safely and efficiently handle the cleanup. 


Apex Disaster Specialists’ IICRC-certified restoration contractors can restore properties that have sustained water damage, and fire and smoke damage. They’re also traind in health and safety procedures to help protect our clients from mold and other long-term consequences of natural disasters.  We’ll collaborate with you and your insurance company to ensure our services meet your timeline and budgetary needs. 

Contact Apex Disaster Specialists Today!

Apex Disaster Specialists supports the residents of Grayton Beach, FL, by providing comprehensive property restoration. Whether your home has been damaged by high winds, flooding, or fire, our technicians can restore it to a safe, comfortable, livable state.

If your home has sustained damage from an accident or natural disaster, contact our technicians today at (850) 204-9676. We can provide a free restoration estimate or discuss emergency services if your situation is urgent.

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