Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold removal and remediation is common along the Florida’s Emerald Coast due to extreme seasonal variation in perceived humidity. Property owners face unique challenges with respect to indoor air quality and the attraction of mold growth.

The most common questions APEX Disaster Specialists receives involves the dangers of black mold. Black mold can produce aggressive mold spores that can become airborne. These airborne spores can cause serious health problems.

Research has found that people who spend time in damp environments are more likely to report health problems such as:
  • Builders' Mark Respiratory symptoms (such as in nose, throat, lungs)
  • Builders' Mark Development or worsening of asthma
  • Builders' Mark Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • Builders' Mark Allergic rhinitis (often called “hay fever”)
  • Builders' Mark Bronchitis, Eczema, and more
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When You Need Help, You Need APEX Disaster Specialists.

The Property Owners’ Preferred Vendor

APEX Disaster Specialists is the property owners’ preferred vendor for residential and commercial restoration services. The mission of APEX Disaster Specialists is to protect and rebuild its communities while providing a world-class customer experience. APEX provides guidance and expertise in the areas of residential and commercial remodeling and rebuilding, water extraction, mold remediation, storm and fire damage repair, and biohazard cleanup.

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IICRC Certified Property Restoration

APEX Disaster Specialists has the technology, skill, and expertise to respond clean, remediate, and restore commercial structures and residential properties. Our team adheres to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restorations Certification (IICRC) Standards for professional water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, applied microbial remediation, applied structural drying, carpet cleaning, carpet repair and reinstallation, health and safety, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning, color repair, textile cleaning, and trauma and crime scene cleanup.

Water, Flood, and Storm Damage

APEX Disaster Specialists knows storm damage. Our certified technicians have the tools, skills, and experience required to remove water damage and restore residential and commercial properties.

Mold Remediation

APEX Disaster Specialists are leaders in mold remediation services. Our certified technicians follow strict guidelines to safely remove potentially hazardous mold spores from your home and office.

Fire and Smoke Damage

APEX Disaster Specialists offers free board-up services. Our certified experts provide fire damage assessments to determine the scale of the cleanup for odor-free fire and smoke damage restoration.

When You Need Help, You Need APEX Disaster Specialists.

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