The 4 Most Common Property Insurance Claims During Winter

As the weather changes, so do the insurance claims. Here are the 4 most common insurance claims to pay attention to as we enter wintertime.
Claim #1: Frozen Pipes
Although this is very rare in Florida, we aren’t exempt from pipes freezing during cold spurts. In fact, because it’s a not a “norm” for Floridians, we should pay extra close attention, so we don’t risk the chance of our pipes freezing during the season.
Claim #2: Fire Damage
With wintertime comes more gatherings and colder weather ultimately leading to more cooking and more use of the fireplace and space heaters. It’s important to practice fire safety by turning off your oven, blowing out candles, and properly putting out fireplaces.
Claim #3: Snow & Ice Damage
Although it’s highly unlikely to have snow in the Panhandle, it’s not uncommon to experience some sort of ice buildup or hail during our winter months. A common issue that enhances insurance claims are ice dams. These occur when ice or snow gets stuck in the gutter and refreezes potentially causing backup and leaking into your ceiling. By properly cleaning your gutters, you can avoid developing ice dams.
Claim #4: Wind Damage
The top claim is something Floridians know about all too well- wind. Winter storms can bring random gusts of wind causing roof and siding damage by unsecured outside furniture and trees.
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