Stay Storm Ready, Even in the “Off-Season”

As Floridians, it’s common to breathe a sigh of relief as the official hurricane season comes to an end. But it’s important to remain diligent in the “off season” to better protect your property and loved ones in the occurrence of a winter storm. As hurricane season ends, winter begins and thus brings a whole new set of weather threats across the country.
What’s the Difference Between a Hurricane and a Bomb Cyclone?
Although they can both bring heavy rain, hail and wind, bomb cyclones happen in the winter thus making them naturally a colder threat.
• While cold air quickly weakens a hurricane, in a bomb cyclone it fuels it. The air is much colder in a bomb cyclone, and it leads with a cold front.
• The seasons are different. The official hurricane season is between June and November while bomb cyclones can form in late fall to early spring.
• Location matters. Hurricanes form in tropical weather while bomb cyclones need a higher altitude to form making them more common in the Northwestern Atlantic and the Northwestern Pacific.

Although we live in a region that is less likely to experience bomb cyclones during the winter months, we are still susceptible to winter storms, and the occasional (but rare) hurricane in the off season. For this reason, it’s important to remain diligent throughout the year and have your disaster plan ready, insurance sorted, and your property prepped at all times. For more information on disaster preparedness and recovery contact us at (850) 660-6900.