How APEX Disaster Specialists can Assist you During Hurricane Season (Part 1)

At APEX, we are devoted to customer service backed by professional resources and extensive experience. During hurricane season, we are prepared to help our customers with any storm-related disasters to ensure property repair and personal safety.
Flooding and Water Damage
Damage due to flooding can lead to toxin and mold buildup, threatening your home and the health and safety of your family. APEX knows the importance of tackling water damage immediately, so we prioritize responsiveness and provide 24/7/365 availability for our customers.
When water infiltrates your property due to bad weather, you are at risk for mold build up. When this occurs, we are here to assess and respond in an efficient way including:
• Cleaning and sanitizing
• Proper equipment for water retractions
• Odor control
• Mold remediation
• Applied structural drying

How APEX Disaster Specialists can Assist you During Hurricane Season (Part 2)

With storm season upon us- and Hurricane Ian currently moving up the Gulf Coast- it’s important to be prepared and know what to do and who to call, following any storm damage. At APEX we are always ready to help with an availability policy of 24/7/365.
Additionally, we provide local and certified full-service restoration and repairs to better assist you during times of need.
What are Some Types of Damage from Inclement Weather?
When it comes to weather-induced damage, there is a list of potential property loss that can be caused. From fallen trees and live fallen wires to water damage and sewage backup, it’s important to stay safe and prepared. A fallen tree on your house can create a hole in your roof, and water damage is likely to take place if the problem isn’t mitigated. At APEX we fix any leaky roofs, assess and repair the water damage as needed. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to assisting our customers during a storm-related disaster.
To learn more about storm prevention and repair, please contact APEX Disaster Specialists at (850) 660-6900.