4 Safety Tips for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? The season is in full swing, the weather is crips and family and friends come together to celebrate a spread of delicious food. However, this is also a big day for fires due to common mistakes made while in the kitchen. Follow these tips to stay safe on the big day.
Tip #1- Never Leave Your Turkey Alone
Sure, turkeys take a long time to cook but that is not an invitation to leave the house for a quick errand before your guests arrive. Dripping oils can potentially cause smoke and fire which can’t be tended to if you aren’t at home.
Tip #2- Keep Glass Away from a Hot Stove or Open Flames
We all love the side dishes (usually in a glass dish) that come with Thanksgiving, but it’s important to keep the glass away from a stove top as it can potentially explode from the heat.
Tip #3- DON’T put Water on a Grease Fire
This is a common mistake when a grease fire breaks out. Make sure you are prepared for a grease fire by having a fire extinguisher nearby during the cooking phase of the day. In the event a fire breaks out, this will help smother the fire, instead of fueling it.
Tip # 4- The After Party Walkthrough
After the fun has been had and the food has been eaten, make sure you make your rounds to do an after-party safety check. This can include checking the oven and stove to make sure they’re off, blowing out all candles and checking your fireplace.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that we are grateful for but first and foremost let’s be grateful for our safety during the holiday season. To learn more about fire prevention and repairs, please contact APEX Disaster Specialists at (850) 660-6900. Visit us at www.apexdisasterspecialists.com