The Top Winter Mold Risks

The risk of mold is always present regardless of the climate or season you’re in. However, knowing the risk factors of each season and climate can help you protect your property and your family from the dangerous effects of mold.

Risk #1 Skylights and Chimneys

Any rooftop interruption can be compromised from extreme weather or common wear and tear. If the sealing around a skylight is not efficient, it can allow water entry into your home through rainfall, hail, or snow putting you at greater risk for mold.

Risk #2 Basements

The most common mold damage to basements comes from inefficient water drainage. Due to the position of a basement, if your drainage system is improperly routed, water can seep in and (oftentimes) go unnoticed as basements are less frequented than other parts of the home.

Risk #3 Foundation

Each season, you should check your property to ensure there are no cracks, holes, or compromised foundation to protect yourself against the risk of mold.

Risk #4 Flashing

In heavy snowfall, it’s important to check the flashing (particularly around your chimney) to ensure water hasn’t soaked into the flashing potentially creating a serious mold problem.

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Winter mold ruining a home